Saturday, July 25, 2009

Art After Hours

Last Friday night was the Art After Hours opening at the Fruitville Library. My work is on display there, along with several other artists', until early October. I was aproached by Heather, who works in the youth department there and who is quite a fan of my work, to participate. Of course I said yes! This was the first time I was asked to participate in a show, and the opening was a success. We had over 70 people come through that night which, given the small scale of the event and the fact that it was on a Friday night at the library, was quite impressive. A number of my local friends as well as my family were there, and it really meant a lot to me to have so many come to look my funny little pictures. Thank you to everyone who came!

The Lonesome Diver (2007)

The Lonesome Diver
The Lonesome Diver dives to escape the solitude of the shore, but is only reminded further of it below the waves. The Lonesome Diver wonders, "If jellyfish can have so many friends, why can't I?" This is one of my favorite little scenes: whimsical, cute, and a bit sad.